what is css in html

what is css in html | html and CSS (case coding style sheet)






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what is css in html
what is css in html

Use Css to define style for your document including the design, layout and variation in display for different devices and screen size. You can place Css in the <Head> of a document with embedded style sheet or attach a separate file that define your style with external style sheet.

Most Popular Coding Language

C++ 9.5%                               Perl 3.5%

Ruby 7.1%                             Java 19.2%

Python 32.2%                        Haskell 1.5%

Java script 6.5%                    Go 2.3%

Scale 1.3%                               C# 7.4%

.Net 58.2%                                C 6.1%

What is Script ?

Latin – Scriber – Means  – Writing

Script comes from the Latin Scriber meaning to write and all the meaning have to do with something written your hand writing script.


A Script is a program or Sequence of instruction that is interpreted or carried out by another program rather than by the computer processor.

What is Hypertext ?

Is text which contains links to other text Hypermedia is a terms used for hypertext which is not constrain to be text it can include graphics, video, Sounds.

What is HTML ? 

Html is a set of markup symbol or code Inserted in a file Intended for display on World Wide Web browser page. The Markup tells the Web browser how to display web pages words and Images for the user.

what is css in html | what is cascading style sheet | CSS [Case Coding Style Sheet / Create Style Sheet] | what is html and css

Css is a Technology use to define the visual layout of web pages. Essentially Css separate web page presentation from the structure HTML give structure such as heading and text to web pages a Css describes how that element will look. Developer store Css code in a separate file from a web pages HTML. This enable a change to a single line of code to affect how are entire a web site look.

“It stand for case coding style sheet .Style sheet refer to the document itself. Style sheet have been use for document design for year”. They are the technical   for a layout weather print is online. Print designer use style sheet to ensure that there design are printed exactly to explanation. A style sheet for a web but with the added functionality of also tells the view engine (The web browser).

Case code is the special part .A web style is a intends to case code through a series of style sheet like a river over a waterfall.

A water in a river hit all the rocks in a waterfalls but only the once at the bottom affect exactly where the water will flow. Every web page will effect by at list work style sheet even if the web designer does not apply any style. This style sheet is the user agent style sheet the default style sheet that the web browser will use to display a page if no other instructions are provide but if the designer is provides other instruction the browser need to know which instruction have been flow.

Css is use to define how the HTML element are display in the browser. A style sheet language use for describing the presentation of the document written in a markup language. “Css was first develop in 1997 as a way for a web developer to define the look and fill of the web pages. It was intend to allow developer to separate contain from design so that HTML could perform more of the function that it was originally best on the markup contain without worry about the design and layout.

Understanding Common HTML Tag | what is css in html 

The 3 common HTML terms you should begin with an element Tag and Attributes.

Element: Elements are designated that define the structure and contain of object with in a page. Elements are identify by the use of ‘<’ and ‘>’ angel bracket surrounding the element name thus and element will look the following-





Tags: Tag the use of ‘<’ and ‘>’ angel bracket surrounding and elements create what is known as a tag. Tag is a most commonly occur in pairs of open and closing tag.

Attributes:  Attributes are property use to provide additional information about of an element. The most common Attributes include the ‘ID’ Attributes, which identifier and element, the class attribute which classify and element the ‘Src’ attributes which explain a source for embeddable content and the ‘href’ attributes which provide hyperlink reference to a link resources.

<a href=www.yahoo.com>Yahoo</a>

 Element          Attributes              Tag

Setting of the HTML Document structure |  what is css in html

All document have require structured that include following declaration and elements.








The Document type declaration or <! DOCTYPE HTML>

Information web browser which version of HTML is beginning used and his placed at the very beginning of the HTML Document because we will be using the latest  Version of   HTML our Document type declaration is simply <! DOCTYPE HTML> following the document type declaration the <HTML> element signify the doc the document type.


{Define the version of HTML}

What is META TAG ?

<Meta charset=”UTF-8”>

The <Meta> element should include the proper “charset” attributes and value. Meta tags do not do anything to the content that is presented in the browser windows but they are used by the like of search engine to catalog information   about the web pages. There is one meta tag which can be used at many time as you desire inside a <head> element and they can contain the attributes, charset, Name, http-equiv, and content.

META:Provides the detail of developing web page.

Name:The Name attributes can be anything you like the most commonly used Name are author, description and keywords. Author is use to state one of the HTML pages, authors and description   is Often used by search engine (such as Google) to display a description of a web pages in it search result.

<Meta Name=”description” content=”Free Web Tutorials”>

<Meta Name=”Keywords” content=”HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript”>

<Meta Name=”Author” content=”RAHUL”>


Give the value associated with the HTTP-Equiv or Name attributes.

Reference Document Every 30 second

<Meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”30”>


The HTTP-Equiv attributes can be used insisted of the name attributes and will make an HTTP header, which is a information send to the server where the web pages held. The attributes should we used but the values can be HTTP-Equivalents

Used for sendinformation to the server.”(Where is page already implement)

[1]Content type:Content type an in coding declaration defining what character set is beginning to use.

[2]default-style:The perfect style sheet common selection of link or style elements.

[3] Refresh: Which define how often (in second) a page automatically refresh or if it should automatically redirect to another page. Not great for accessibility.

Understanding common css terms | what is html and css | what is css in html

A Selector designates exactly which element or elements within our html to target and apply style (such as color, size, and position) to selector may include a combination of different qualifier to select unic element all depending on how particular we wise to be.

what is css Selector:” Define how to use elements to target style sheet”.

The Css Selector

There are many different type of selector-

[1]Type Selector: Matching the specific elements a css type selector Name the HTML tag or XHTML element to style. To use a type selector simply write. The HTML tag Name that you want to style.

“Use for HTML elements tag to define a style.”

P {

Color: green;                                                                                                                      }

H1 {

Font-size: 1.2em;


[2]Class Selector: Matching element with particular class this selector and element that match a class Name define in a class attribute in the HTML. Use the class attribute that is available nearly every HTML tag.

Tech {size: 100 %;}

How to call selector—

<p class=”tech”>

<p class=”PK”>

[3]ID Selector: Matching an element with a specific ID. A css ID selector apply to the one element in the HTML .Document with explain ID just like the class selector. The ID Selector is define in the HTML but an unlike class each ID must be unic on the pages. Use the ID attributes available on nearly every HTML tag.

<p ID=”Tech”> {some as class selector}.

Descendant Selector: Css Descendant Selector apply to the element that an inside another element. For example—an unordered list (li) has a <ul> user list with <li> list item tag a Descendant Selector In the following. —



<A href=www.youtube.com>youtube</a></li>


The <li> tag Descendant <ul>tag the tag is a Descendant of both the<li> (child Descendant) and <ul> (grandchild Descendant tag). Define Descendant Selector by using two type selector separate by space.


Li a {text-decoration: none ;}

Child Selector

The “>” combinator separate two selector and match only those element match by the second selector that a direct children of element matched by first. When two selectors are combine will the Descendant Selector the combine expression matched by the second selector for which there exist another element match by first selector.






Example: span {background: red ;}


div>span {color: green ;}





General Sibling combinatore

The General sibling selector allow element to be selected best on their sibling elements. Those which share some common parent They are created by using the tilde character (~) between two element with in a selector . The first element identifier what the second element shall be sibling with and both of which must share be same parent.



Adjust Sibling Selector

The Adjust sibling selector will only select sibling elements

Directly following after another sibling element insisted the use the tilde (~) character as with general sibling selector. The Adjust sibling selector uses a ‘+’character between the two elements within a selector.



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