There has been rapid development in the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the last few years.

Along with this, many such wonderful machines have been made

which are capable of thinking and making decisions just like humans.

But the question is, is this Artificial Intelligence? And how does it work?

Also what is its use in our daily life? And what is its future?

Can AI technology become a threat to us in the future? Let us know in detail.

We use many machines from waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night.

Such as Smartphone, Computer, Printer, Laptop, TV, Fan, Cooler, Freeze, AC, Geyser and what not.

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But most machines require human help. That is, they have to operate.

That is why we need such machines, which can work without human help.

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However, we have made many automatic machines in this direction.

But most machines are limited to On/Off only. That is, they cannot do the level of work that they should do.

For this they still need human help. In such a situation, Artificial Intelligence is needed to make the machines fully automatic.

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