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The article discusses the controversy surrounding the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) and its partnership with Saudi Arabia. The PGA has announced that it will be hosting a new tournament in Saudi Arabia, which has raised concerns about the country’s human rights record and the potential for the tournament to be used for propaganda purposes.

The article highlights the increasing influence of Saudi Arabia on the world of sports, with the country hosting a number of high-profile events in recent years. Critics argue that this is part of a broader campaign to whitewash the country’s image and distract from its human rights abuses.

The article also explores the role of individual golfers in the controversy, with some speaking out against the partnership and others defending it. The PGA has been criticized for not taking a stronger stance on the issue, with some calling for the organization to boycott the tournament.

Overall, the article paints a complex picture of the relationship between sports and politics, highlighting the challenges that arise when organizations are faced with competing interests and values. It raises important questions about the responsibility of athletes and sports organizations to take a stand on social and political issues, and the potential risks of aligning with countries with questionable human rights records.

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